Access domino console without the Admin client, only through Notes client.

Too many times I have been at a customer site and wanted to access the IBM Domino Console to see live information but cannot as they do not have the binaries for the administration client.

There is a nice interface within the Notes client to access this, albeit a little different interface. You can also submit commands too!

The @Formula to use is:- @Command([AdminRemoteConsole])


It can be used in one of two ways for easy access:-

  1. Open a new memo and in the subject type the @Formula above and then hit Shift+F9 (a handy feature for lots of other @ commands)
  2. Create a button in your toolbar for quick access



Thanks Srini for the heads up, you know who you are!

Neil Langston

Neil loves getting deep into the code and figuring out solutions to complex problems. Then bringing it all together for a great end to end experience.

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