Outlook now asks for attachment type

A new feature is coming in Outlook which will make some of you very happy indeed…  If you have been using Outlook with Office 365 and have added cloud attachments, i.e. the default up to now, by mistake then this will be for you!

Outlook attachment type

Finally no more accidental sending of cloud documents and people coming back asking how they get access, or you having to revoke access and send them a copy instead.

This will be rolling out to Insider fast and Current Branch over the next few weeks, in the meantime continue to be vigilant about attaching copies instead of cloud documents!

Twan van Beers

Twan is a senior consultant with over 20 years of experience. He has a wide range of skills including Messaging, Active Directory, SQL, Networking and Firewalls. Twan loves to write scripts and get deep and dirty into debugging code, in order to understand and resolve the most complex of problems.

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