Allowing # and & in OneDrive for Business

At Microsoft Ignite 2017 they mentioned that OneDrive does now allow # (hash) and & (ampersand) but it needs to be configured on the tenant.  If your current setting is NoPreference meaning Microsoft will roll it out when it feels like it.  If you want these characters accepted earlier then it can be set with 

Set-SPOTenant -SpecialCharactersStateInFileFolderNames Allowed

You can see your current setting as follows

Connect-SPOService -Url https:\\

Get-SPOTenant | fl SpecialCharactersStateInFileFolderNames


Twan van Beers

Twan is a senior consultant with over 20 years of experience. He has a wide range of skills including Messaging, Active Directory, SQL, Networking and Firewalls. Twan loves to write scripts and get deep and dirty into debugging code, in order to understand and resolve the most complex of problems.

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