How we do it


We develop our skills with each project, so we can ensure we’re ahead of the game when it comes to your migration. Early on, we saw a clear need for the type of support and consultancy that focuses solely on making technology migration programmes work for and not against your business. As a result, we have grown our team and developed our technical skills to meet the demand for this type of IT experience.

With many organisations operating in mixed environments and with email a mission critical application, we’ve seen the same problems emerge again and again in large technology migration and consolidation programs. Sometimes you may find there is a lack of business buy-in, or your organisation may simply misunderstand the end-to-end process. Whatever the reason, the result can be a drain on time and money.

On a practical level, we ensure your management team is fully aware of any potential pitfalls and that your whole business understands the benefits of our programme. This way, you avoid the most dangerous problem of all: the project failing because of a lack of buy-in from within your organisation.