Disaster Recovery as a Service

Protect your business infrastructure at a predictable monthly cost

Do stories about disasters like hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes keep you awake at night wondering how your business would survive?

Do you agonize over how long your business could survive without basic IT Infrastructure being available within your data centres?

Let Nero Blanco help you with our comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery service (DRaaS). We use our expertise leveraging Microsoft technologies like Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup to give you piece of mind, reassuring you that if disaster strikes your business infrastructure and business data is covered.

Disaster Recovery systems can be expensive, hard to configure, difficult to test and quickly outdated. Our DRaaS service means that you don’t have to invest in and maintain your own off-site Disaster Recovery environment, our cloud-based method costs less, is easier to deploy and allows us to test plans regularly and keep pace as your business changes.

Nero Blanco will take you through a methodical process:

Initial conference call to ensure that DRaaS is the right solution for you.

Discovery Workshop to work out requirements 

Create an implementation plan

Implement the solution

Test the DR capability without disruption to production services

Document the solution

Monitor and Manage the solution

The benefits you get when choosing Nero Blanco include:

  • Fully tested business continuity with zero impact to production services
  • Automation of complex failover tasks
  • Data sovereignty (desired data centres can be nominated)
  • World class secure data centres
  • Unlimited scale
  • Cost effective (no payment for compute unless you need to switch)
  • Predictable monthly cost