Our consultants work closely with many FTSE 100 companies… …implementing large scale migration projects. As a trusted advisor, we’ve worked with clients of all sizes on small and large scale cloud and on-premise infrastructures including one of the world’s biggest…

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Marking email as Private

Tagging a message as private (this doesn’t prevent sharing or printing) If you just want to let people know that you’d like them to treat your email as private, you can tag it as such. This doesn’t stop them from…

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Convert Mailbox to Mailuser

I was asked to convert a mailbox to a mailuser, and funny enough although the reverse is true, you can't just call enable-mailuser on a mailbox... Of course you can disable-mailbox and then enable-mailuser but that removes all Exchange related…

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Deleting Folders

from an Exchange Mailbox with PowerShell I was given an escalation at a client where somehow a user managed to create thousands of folders all nested one inside the other.  So the task was how to delete these folders. User…

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The Shared Mailbox Dilemma

The Shared Mailbox Dilemma Microsoft Teams (and Office 365 Groups) whilst having gained serious traction, and by serious - Teams has become Microsoft's fastest growing App in their history. Shared Mailboxes still have a place in our heart and in…

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Cross forest in Exchange

How to open a mailbox cross forest in Exchange We often migrate users between Exchange organisations/forests, or need to add coexistence between two or more Exchange organisations and forests.  The basic set up for coexistence includes the following: Network coexistence…

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